Sales  & Technical Support
All kinds of events has been executed in the past. For live pop-concerts, television, artist performances, theatre & drama productions, dance events, discotheques,  product introduction, grand openings or company presentations, etc.

In fact any event with its specific equipment requirements and environment asks for a thorough approach to achieve the optimal solution. With our 20 years of experience we can give our customer the confidence that they have picked the best partner.!


And give us the confidence that you have presented the highest quality of equipment available, while at the same time saving both time and money.

Therefore our slogan is: If we don't want to work with equipment ourselves, we won't & don't sell it to you!

More and more products are copied, changed somewhat and issued on the ever growing market. Therefore we provide solutions. Products that gained our confidence by performing for its tasks as expected, without major defects or problems. Below you will find a summary of brands/products we selected for sales and support.

Products and Brands we DO supply
Summary (*)
AD Systems sound systems
Allen&Heath mixing equipment
American DJ dj gear
Avolites lighting consoles
Lampo theatrical spotlights
Litecom dmx tools, LED control solutions
MA Lighting lighting control
Martin Professional Lighting moving lights
Matrox Video Edit Engines video editing
Pioneer dj gear
Sagitter moving lights
ShowDesigner visualizing equipment
Verlinde chain hoists
Technics dj gear
(*) To get more info on specific brands, please click links to switch to manufacturers website


There are so many kinds of manufactured brands for professional equipment, each with it own specification. It is almost impossible to make a correct price quotation without having seen the project specification.

Key Benefits when we provide the equipment and/or hardware for your next project:

  • maximal flexibility
  • minimal costs
  • optimal performance