Sound Systems
All kinds of sound re-enforcement jobs have been executed in the past. For live pop-concerts, television, artist performances, theatre & drama productions, dance events, discotheques,  product introduction, grand openings or company presentations, etc. In fact any event with its specific sound system requirements and environment to achieve awareness of peoples senses.  Needless to say that these jobs were performed indoor as well outdoor.


Silence before storm! 

These pictures show the quiet start and preparations of a gigantic street dance party in the centre of Rotterdam.

The next pictures show the reason of these preparations. A 15.000+ crowd partying their heads of from afternoon until late in the evening.

Storm has arrived!


There are so many kinds of sound productions, each with it own specification. It is almost impossible to make a correct price quotation without having seen the project specification. 

Key Benefits when we provide a sound system for your next indoor or outdoor Event:

  • maximal flexibility
  • minimal costs
  • optimal performance