LED, Applications

Any application can be performed using LED technology. Many environmental situations, like advertising sign can be updated to LED, replacing fluorescent  lamp and neon tubes.

A huge advantage will be low power consumption, low maintenance an durability (lifetime expected over 50.000 hours). Since LED's lightoutput will increase very fast in the near future will result in lower prices and application in more lighting products, both professional and domestic.

We already have some installations up and running on site with full satisfaction for the customer.


Example of available colors in RGB array control.
Nowadays a hot item in dance classics '80s parties rental facilites and/or permanent installation is the Full Color RGB LED floor, programmable via standard lighting protocol DMX512.

Also in shopfitting and exhibtion situation our LED modules can be used. Modules to be build into furniture, wall or ceiling. Your imagination will be the limit.

Photograph: Esgro Rental, The Netherlands.
As eye catcher in a trendy bar, Our LED products has been used as wall ornament and sign, running standalone.
In this case the setup runs fully automatically from preprogrammed sequence in our LED16 controler. Just to be switched on and off with the houselights. No on site programming have to be executed.


There are so many kinds of applications, each with it own specification. It is almost impossible to make a correct price quotation without having seen the project specification.

Key Benefits when we provide a LED solutions for your next lighting project:

  • maximal flexibility
  • low maintenance
  • minimal costs
  • optimal performance