LED systems

Many years traditional lighting sources have been used in at least so many lighting fixtures. As we initially are a lighting company we know about Lighting in all its versatility.

Also our huge experience in PC Board Design, PC Board Manufacturing and PC Board assembly invited us to design some unique Lighting Products based on LIGHT EMITTING DIODES (LED).

LED Technology LED Products LED Applications

Then the use of "LED" as light source became more and more interested and led to new innovations for lighting products. Although "LED" has its specific limitations a huge amount of projects can implement LED fixtures, with single color and/or rainbow color featured LED arrays.(more)

Therefore LITECOM designed several LED products such as LED array light sources of different kind within the limitations of LED, and specific control equipment offering many options and solutions.

Controller boards, based on a sophisticated high performance microprocessor  will result in a low power, fully controllable lighting system with LED array groups, low maintenance requirements, either in single color ormultichannel channel RGB groups. (more)

Any application can be performed using LED technology. Many environmental situations, like advertising signs can be updated to LED, replacing fluorescent  lamp and neon tubes.

A huge advantage will be low power consumption, low maintenance an durability (lifetime expected over 50.000 hours). Since LED's lightoutput will increase very fast in the near future will result in lower prices and application in more lighting products, both professional and domestic. (more)