LED, Introduction

Many years traditional lighting sources have been used in at least so many lighting fixtures. As from the existence of light using electricity man have been evaluating the good old light bulb into its different varieties that are available in today’s environment. Of course many "traditional" light sources have their limitations, because of size, color, endurance, slow response and operation voltage. In the electronics branche a tiny light source "LED" (Light Emitting Diode)  is most common used as indicator on equipment.


Then the use of "LED" as light source became more and more interested and led to new innovations for lighting products. Although "LED" has its specific limitations a huge amount of projects can implement LED fixtures, with single color and/or rainbow color featured LED arrays. "LED" based lighting arrays have their advantages in lifetime, color consistancy, size and operating voltage offering a scala of purposes. But control for intensity and color definition of those LED array packed lighting fixtures is of evident importancy.