Professional Lighting

As we initially are a lighting company we know about lighting in all its versatility. The combination of many disciplines offers a thorough knowledge of both temporary and permanent installations of lighting requirements. We also specialize in design and maintenance of lighting systems from cruise ships to club and from theatres to stage (live) performances. As a customer you can choose for an overall concept from design until full service perfomance of the whole event, or to call upon our services somewhere in the middle of a production. 

Our speciality regarding lighting issues are:

Stage & Environmental 3D Visualisation  On & Offline Programming 
All kinds of lighting jobs has been executed in the past. For live pop-concerts, television, artist performances, theatre & drama productions, dance events, discotheques,  product introduction, grand openings or company presentations, etc. In fact any event with its specific lighting setting and environment to achieve awareness of peoples senses. (more) To achieve a 3D visual representation Litecom uses a unique and user-friendly lighting and set-design software package useful for developing realistic 3D lighting simulations in both architectural and entertainment fields.  (more) Our 3D system features a very realistic OFF-line programming module which allows shows to be preprogrammed in realistic real time. Anywhere! Even at the hotel nearby the production site pre-programming can be done.  (more)

Key Benefits when we provide our service for your lighting production:

  • maximal flexibility
  • minimal costs, no overhead on crew fees
  • optimal performance