On & Offline Showprogramming
Our 3D system features a very realistic OFF-line programming module which allows shows to be preprogrammed in realistic real time. 


Anywhere! Even at the hotel nearby the production site pre-programming can be done.

As result console programming time at the production site will decrease, thereby saving time and money on the production budget.

Since a great part of the show production has been pre-programmed OFF-line special cues can be added on site where the desk will ON-line. Now last minute changes can be executed as well as the performance off the entire show. With use of our 3D system we can give our customer the confidence that they have picked the best solution. And give us the confidence that you have presented the highest quality visualisation simulation available, while at the same time saving both time and money.


There are so many kinds of event productions, each with it own specification. It is almost impossible to make a correct price quotation without having seen the project specification.

Key Benefits when we program a ON/OFF-line show for your next lighting production:

  • maximal flexibility
  • minimal costs
  • optimal performance