Printed Circuits

In the electronics business manufacturers of industrial and domestic products seek for reliable partners to assist them with products development. As an engineering company we specialize in Printed Circuit Board technology.

To assist these manufacturers with solutions for the implementation of a  new product, designed by their research and development department, we provide them a service which conclude Design, Manufacturing and Assembly of printed circuit boards.

PCB Design PCB Manufacturing PCB Assembly

After a thorough session of information gathering from the research & development department, we can start to input and translate this information in our CAD-system and design the Printed Circuit Board according to required specifications

Important is to design with following steps in mind.(more)

As a logical step after the design stage has finished one (or more ) prototype Circuit Board can be supplied for testing. When a project reaches a more definite stage we can supply series of Printed Board in small, medium, large or extra large quantities.

Of course we provide Printed Circuit Boards for projects we didn't design ourselves. Also in each quantity or specification.(more)

Third step in a project is (prototype) assembly of a Printed Circuit Board. Since nowadays more and more Surface Mounted Devices (SMD-components) are designed in the board, mostly because of density reason.

 Therefore we provide an assembly service,  for SMD as well as conventional, again in each quantity or specification. (more)

Key Benefits when we provide our service for your electronic products:

  • thorough knowhow on design, manufacturing and assembly issues
  • maximal flexibility
  • minimal costs, no overhead
  • optimal performance