Printed Circuit Assembly

Third step in a project is a (prototype) assembly of a Printed Circuit Board. Since nowadays more and more surface mounted components (SMD) are designed in the board, mostly because of density reason. 

Therefore we provide an assembly service,  for SMD as well as conventional, again in each quantity or specification. We assemble all kinds of PC boards. Based on conventional and or SMD components the designs are according to assembly specifications for a efficient and cost effective manufacturing process.

For fast SMD assembly we use pick&place facilities for accurate results. Before this stage we use a solder paste screening machine which prints the solder paste onto the boards via stainless steel sheets in a rapid an precise way. After placement of the component (re)flowing the solder paste in a temperature controled atmosphere quaranties a good soldering connection.


Conventional are placed by hand or inserter machine. After completion of all components on board the boards will be soldered in a wave soldering machine.
PC board assembly types 

Assembly quantities

Assembly delivery times
  • single sided

  • double sided (common in SMD boards)

  • flexible, both single and double sided

  • flex-rigid, both single and double sided

  • 1-100

  • 100-1000

  • 1000-10000



  • 2 days, qty up to 10pcs, rigid boards only

  • 3-4 days, qty up to 25pcs, rigid boards only

  • 5-10 days, qty up to 100

  • 10-20 days, qty up to 1000

  • 25-30 days, qty up to 10000+


Assembly of conventional and SMD components


There are so many kinds of p.c. boards, each with it own specification. It is almost impossible to make a correct price quotation without having seen the project specification.

Key Benefits when we provide the assembly of the PC board(s) for your next project:

  • good technical knowhow
  • good quality
  • good pricing
  • fast and accurate delivery