Printed Circuit Manufacturing

As a logical step after the design stage has finished one (or more ) prototype Circuit Board can be supplied for testing. We supply all kinds of PC boards.Based on conventional and or SMD components the designs are according to assembly specifications for a efficient and cost effective manufacturing process. 

When a project reaches a more definite stage we can supply series of Printed Boards in small, medium, large or extra large quantities






PC board types for conventional and SMD components PC board specifics PC board quantities PC board delivery times
single sided Solder masked 1-100 1 day, withhout soldermask and silkscreen, on request. (qty less than 3, rigid boards only)
double sided, plated holes hot air levelled 100-1000 2 days, with mask and screen (qty up to 10pcs, rigid boards only)
multilayer 4 up to ...., plated holes, thru hole metalised via's gold or tin plated, partial or whole 1000-10000 3-4 days, with mask and screen (qty up to 25pcs, rigid boards only)
multilayer 4 up to ...., plated holes, blind & buried metalised via's identifier and silk text screened, both sides 10000- .......up 5-10 days, qty up to 100
flexible, static and dynamic cavity holes   10-20 days, qty up to 1000
flex-rigid edge connected   25-30 days, qty up to 10000+
All in any shape! .......and many more....... each in annual takes or in regular batches
Of course we provide Printed Circuit Boards for projects we didn't design ourselves. Also in each quantity or specification. Therefore we need production files in GERBER format for plots per layer,  EXCELLON for drilling and a report file which explains pad, trace, and drill sizes.


There are so many kinds of p.c. boards, each with it own specification. It is almost impossible to make a correct price quotation without having seen the project specification.

Key Benefits when we supply the PC board(s) for your next project:

  • good technical knowhow
  • good quality
  • good pricing
  • fast and accurate delivery